About Us

About us

The idea of the Society began in September 2004, when a group of physicians saw, that it is necessary to have such society to provide the need of radiologist specialization of knowledge and science due to the present enormous advance in the different diagnosis fields, depending on god and their experience in this field.

On Saturday 25 January 2005 an application to form a scientific society special for radiodiagnosis was submitted to the ministry of social affairs, it was approved on Wednesday 20 April 2005. The society was registered under no. 6046 under the name " The scientific society of radiodiagnosis – Egypt " the place is 251 Port Said St, Sayeda Zeinab, that was due law no. 84/2002 concerning Public Society & Establishments.




Board of Directors :

Dr. Mamdouh Mahfouz
(Chairman of Board)

Prof .Dr. Hany Samy
(Deputy chairman of Board)

Dr. Essam Ali Ali El-Sheikh
(Association General Secretary)

Dr. Salwa Fathy

Dr. Doria Salem